Club Canopies

Covered playground areas and shading using state of the art design and product testing methods.

Children should play outside all year round, it is essential for well being, no matter what the weather, rain, sun or snow!

These aluminium structures can help with that. Offering protection from UV rays, with integral guttering systems so no rain comes over the edges. They require minimal maintenance, freeing up your time to do what you do best.


This is where we want to get the structure functional for you personally. We are currently developing a huge range of add-on items coming in 2021 and beyond, including water walls, weights and measure walls, seating solutions, height charts and lighting.  You may simply want the area fenced securely, a hopscotch or rocket on the floor or a safety surface added. Please call us with your ideas so we can bring them to life.

Disabled Friendly Access

The structures themselves pose no issues for disabled access. We aim to make all of our add-on range fully accessible as well. Should existing surfacing or pathways need altering to accommodate this please don’t hesitate to say. We feel strongly that everyone should be included.

Outdoor Classrooms

Outdoor Learning is a great way to get children interested, whether reading time or playing with water or sand to learn maths skills.

Easy To Extend

The design is modular so can be extended easily should you need even more space in the future.

Invest in one structure, see the results, then come back for more!